Saint Martin

Saint-Martin offers 37 beaches all different from each other.

  • Îlet Pinel

  • Baie Longue

  • Baie Longue

  • Baie Longue

  • Happy Ba

  • Tintamare

They all have their own charm.
The French coast is the boaters’ favorite.
Happy Bay and its coconut trees, the tranquil and beautiful bay of Anse Marcel, Orient Bay and its water sports (parachute parasailing, jet skiing, trampoline…), the island wilderness of Tintamarre Island with its long white sand beach and its waters rich in tropical fish, Pinel Island’s a charming small exotic islet where you can eat while your in a magical atmosphere and feet dip in waters, the Rocher Créole must-see spot of free diving (snorkelling), romantic Baie Longue beautiful beach and also for lovers of strong sensations, the Maho Bay with its spectacular landing of aircrafts.